Go to www.luonnontuote.com, if you would like to do picking on 2017!

We arranged the wild berry picking trip to Finland 2006.

Laplands Shaman Kari Santala (on the right) will take care of accomodation and dining arrangements. Matti Hankonen will take care of berry issues.
This year we are picking billberries which is closely related to blueberry. Some good Cloudberry places are also possible to find from the area of Salla. Matsutake mushroom is also possible to find there

This year we are supporting the people with following things:

  • Guidance
  • Accomodation
  • Food supply
  • Buying the berries
  • This opportunity is arranged as a little bit over 4 week long trip. Our starting date will be 5th of August and the trip will be over at 31th of August.

    A place for picking will be the Northern part of community of Salla - a place in the middle of nowhere.

    Picker may sleep inside the hostel located in the picking areas or choose to sleep in a tent. If you are able to collect a group of people of 4 people it be ideal for you to travel here to Finland with some ones car.
    Like that and use your own car also for going to picking places as well.

    Traveling to Finland is in your own responsibility. We will also hire couple of vans for the pickers, but these places would be very limited so we suggest you to find a group and a car. Like this we can promise you a place more certainly for you.
    In a case you are not coming with a car in Tampere there is an international airport and some cheep flights that can be found there from www.ryanair.com for example.

    We can arrange also inexpensive but good dinings for the pickers in Kari's place. See details and the offer from here: http://www.berryjob.com/?q=node/61

    (Ad on 2017.4.3. This journey no longer exists, but you may contact info(at)marja-matti.fi to help you on all type of iussues to come to pick mushrooms and berries in Finland. There could be some available places in their arrangaments)

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