Q: What do I have to do if I'm interested to join this trip?

(Ad on 2017.4.3. This journey no longer exists, but you may check www.luonnontuote.com There could be some available places in their arrangaments)

Q: When do I know am I accepted or not to this trip?

Give us a call or send email

Q: What type of job wild berry picking is?

Berry picking is a free enterprise here in Finland for the all of the people, foreigners inclueded. That means it is tax free for the pickers. It might sounds weird to foreigners, but it has been done so that people would collect more berries and mushrooms from the forrests. It has been estimated that more than 90% of Finnish wild berries rottens every year to forrests because nobody picks them.
Picking berries is also too hard job for people who are get used to sit all day long. It is suitable for people who who have guts to do physical work. There are also some other factors why picking berries and mushrooms is not that popular in Finland. In many cases it is not cost efficient to do it alone or in a small group, because good berry places are located many times far away from housings. Traveling costs and time make it non profitable for most of the Finns. You also must have local area support to find good places. Certain berries are groving only in certain types of forrest types. If you don't know the places you will spent most of your time on serching the berries, not picking them.
Key succesful factor is also that you go to right regions. Weather conditions are different from year to another and that's why you may go to empty regions if there has been frost for example at the critical moment of growing which has destroyed the crop.

Q: What does Marja-Matti Oy offers to us?

Naruskas retkeilymaja offers accomodation services and dining services.
Marja-Matti Oy offers a possibility to sell berries to market price at the accomodation place. No need to travel one hundert kilometers to Salla village to sell your berries

Q: How much money can you earn by picking bilberries?

A: It depends on many different things:

There are many different things that effects how well we'll be earning

1. How good is the berry crop in Finland on that year.
In different years there will be different amount of berries on the forrests. This is dependent on weather. Is the temperature right on the timing of flovering, is it raining enought etc...

2. What is the market price of berries on that year.
This is determined mostly how good the crop is. If it's bad crop all over the world for bilberries the price will be higher. Of cource this is dependent also alot of supply and demand of bilberries.
Typically bilberry marrket price has varried from 1.20 euros to 2.20 euros / kilo

3. How hard-working you are.
For some people picking berries is suitable and a good job and for some people who hasn't get used to physical work, it is not a good idea to do.
An example from year 2006:
Hard working Thai pickers in Finland picked 51kg/day average and were paid more than euro/kilo average. They were using traditional pickers!

4. How good picking equipments you have.
Almost all the people in Finland are using traditional small pickers. We had them also last year. But there is also better equipment for berry picking. It is called berry brush. With a berry brush you may collect more than twice the amount of berries compared to the traditional picker. We are going to use berry brushes this summer.
See photo of this berry brush:

5. How good places you know.
There are certain areas only in Finland where there enought of berry plants. All of them are practically located in the area of Kainuu and in east Lapland.

6. The time you are able to use for working
Living near the picking place is an big advantage to you. You don't have to spend much time to traveling. It is also an advantage that you don't have to prepaire your food. In our case you have a lot of time to pick berries, because we have tent accomodation and we have a cook who is prepairing our food. You don't have to travel to sell your berries to the nearest town either. Marja-Matti Oy has truck with us all the time for berries. You cannot do this any better.

Q: How much does it cost for me to participate to this trip?

Finland is quite expencive country compared to many other countries. Food is much more expensive, gasoline is also more expensive, cars are more expensive etc...
Our main cost groups are:

  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Accommodation
  • Marja-Matti Oy is not making a business on these services and will make this so cheap as possible to you. Getting a lot of berries is our main goal and is everybodies common interest. Having a good time is also important to us. We say in Finland: "Hard work needs also hard pleasures". Last year we had a great time around the camp-fire every evening. We also meet Finnish shaman and were in sauna for example.

    On food we will save costs by making it centralized. It is also much more practical to all of us to make it like that.

    Q: How about the mushrooms?

    Mushrooms are very dependent on the weather as well. In a case of good mushroom year we will also get advantage of them. Expecially Matsutake is worth to pick from there.

    Q: How much we will work?

    About our daily routines:
    The awakening will be at seven o'clock. Breakfast after that and going for picking right after that. Everybody get their packed lunch from our breakfast table. Dinner will be at the camp around 8pm after coming from the forrest.

    What are we going to do if there will be poor bilberry crop in Finland?

    In the case if there will not be bilberries anywhere in Finland we have to cancel the trip. The situation can be seen at the midle of July latest. Fortunately the risk is not very high on this with bilberries. For example to cloudberries the risk is much higher and that's why we don't count on cloudberries too much.

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